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Showcasing your articles with Munch

Share your droolworthy articles on Munch without lifting a finger.

We understand that you do not have time to manage yet another platform. Munch employs our artificial intelligence technology to share your content within our ecosystem seamlessly. We designed the media & blog partnership to be as seamless as possible therefore we do not require content partners to actively perform tasks such as post content or ‘check-in’ on Munch.

Simply write in to us to begin listing your website content on the Munch platform.

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How do I become a partner?

Simply write in to requesting your blog be added to our system and we will respond to you with a confirmation.

How do we determine which articles to show and images to display?

There are numerous factors that go into the algorithm that decides content listing. Factors include recency of article, formatting and image quality. We do not have a paid option to display your content.

How do I remove my content from Munch?

We aim to make a partnership with Munch a fruitful one. However, if you wish to remove any listed content on Munch please write in to requesting to remove your content.

How does it benefit you as a blogger

Mutual Benefit
Previous food discovery/review businesses required bloggers to create content specifically for their platforms in exchange for meaningless accolades and the occasional free meal. As a blogger you have no time to manage yet another platform. With Munch, we remove this burden but keep the benefit of having another channel for your content.

We foresee a stunning combination of great content and technology that can help both parties grow. In the near future we can showcase your content to readers that have a higher chance of clicking. Through understanding user behaviour we can share more with you on what influences their digital behaviour (e.g. Image style, headlines, themes).


Have any questions or want to grab a cup of coffee? Please feel free to contact us at our email address below.