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Whether you are a blogger who loves cafe hopping, a budding photographer obsessed with taking flat-lays or someone with an insatiable appetite who can't stop posting food images on Instagram, your work has a home on Munch.

Simply connect your Instagram by clicking the 'Connect Now' button and our users will start to discover the best dining options in Singapore through your creative eyes!

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Mouth-watering images from our Instagram partners.


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What is Munch?

Munch exists to help people find places to eat so quickly it’ll make their grandma jealous! We don’t believe food discovery exist solely as top 10 lists. We’re building real discovery experiences through a variety of products.

On Munch, users can find the perfect spot with their friends, view the hottest foods on Instagram while getting all essential info on one page and discover new places with the hundreds of filters available.

How do I connect my Instagram with Munch?

Simply click on the Connect Now button to login with your Instagram credentials. It really is as simple as that!

How would Munch showcase my photographs?

The technology behind Munch allows us to link your geo-tagged images on Instagram to the specific F&B establishments where you took them! So don’t forget to geo-tag your food images on Instagram!

Our system can also automatically remove irrelevant images so don’t worry about your selfie showing up somewhere!

Will I be credited for providing my images?

Yes! Full credits would be given to our content partners. Users would be able to see your Instagram handle next to each photo. Moreover, users can click directly into your Instagram profile to see the rest of your beautiful work.

How would partnering with Munch benefit me?

We view content partners as…well partners! We’re focused on using technology to build great discovery experiences, this includes connecting users to amazing content out there.

As mentioned earlier, you will receive full credits for the images showcased on the Munch platform. Users will be able to enjoy your content while utilising our features.


Have any questions or want to grab a cup of coffee? Please feel free to contact us at our email address below.